Wednesday 7 September 2016

To Olympian Manish Rawat Uttarakhand Police & Promotions based on Service Record

Written by Anil Singh

What is the duty of Police?

Surely, it is not running Marathons.

Irrespective of how great the achievement be, the duty of police is Policing (maintaining law and order in or at an area or event, enforce regulations or an agreement in particular area, enforce the provisions of Law etc.).

It's not running marathons or play any sport at competitive level.

If a policeman plays a sport at a competitive level and brings in honors. Then it's for its force. Not for the society.

Today, Uttarakhand Government will promote Olympian Manish Rawat to the post of Police Inspector. Mr. Rawat came 13th in Men's 20 KM Walk in Rio Olympics 2016.

To an extent, it seems somewhat understandable, if an Olympic medalist is given a medal. As the feat brings medal for the Nation. Although, the question of duty also comes there.

But promoting a non-medalist in his/her professional ranks, does discourage those Police men who are devoting 100 percent of their time to Policing.

To conclude, promotions in one's profession, must strictly be based on one's service record.

Ideally, if a person takes sports to bring laurels to his/her state or Nation, then Forces (Police, Army), Companies (such as railways) and any other institution which recruit people on sports quota, must stop giving promotions based on that sports criterion (the Governments must do so). And instead give better facilities and sports allowances to those who play sports while in service. If it's not able to provide world class sporting infrastructure, then instead of giving rank promotion, it should give him/her monetary incentive to make up for lack of adequate sports facilities.

Promotions in one's profession, must strictly be based on one's service record.

[PS: Today, it's Uttarakhand Government's administrative decision. And Mr. Rawat should be promoted to Inspector post. But things can be changed for future.]


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