Thursday 13 October 2016

After Kailash Kher in Kedarnath... Govt allows minimal mining licenses!

Written by Anil Singh

The idea of celebrating Dusshera near Kedarnath shrine in Uttarakhand and paying singer Kailash Kher Rs. 3 crores for the event was certainly a bad  idea.

Not from the "event perspective", as crores of Rupees are being spent everyday by political parties on such marketing events. With each passing day, the spends are becoming more lavish and grand. Not to mention, the political parties in power and in favor have deeper pockets as well.

The idea was bad, because such events even on the name of tourism are untenable.

Untenable because they are taking place in Eco-sensitive Zones.

As per the latest news, the Government is allowing minimal mining licenses in eco-sensitive zones as well.

I think everyone has forgot sustained development. Uttarakhand is an eco-sensitive state. One cannot be that callous about fragile ecosystem here.


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