Saturday 8 October 2016

Reportage must Go Beyond "Civil Clerk" of Garhwal Rifles caught taking Bribe !

Written by Anil Singh

Going through the reportage of the Civil Clerk of Garhwal Rifles caught red-handed taking bribe, yesterday and today, raises one basic response.

The reportage must go beyond "Civil Clerk" of Garhwal Rifles caught red-handed taking Bribe.

A major daily of the State with top readership, is presenting a picture as if the person, the "Civil Clerk" is the only one who may be benefiting, if he is benefiting, from the act of taking bribe. The Newspaper is telling the readers everything right from the amount of bribe taken, number of residences the man owns, the Fixed deposits the man has, the money deposited under Monthly Income Scheme, the cash recovered by the CBI team from his residence in Lancedown, his other residences in Dehradun and elsewhere and blah-blah blah... Except for one thing. Who else may have links in this scandal. 

The newspaper seems to have more intent to emphasize on the word "Civil".

This can be understood. Particularly during these days of patriotism and Olive shades. But one question which every reader must ask to self is: If the Bribery allegations are true, then can this person be the one single point of bribe entry? Can he be the single beneficiary?

The question is important, as a clerk in employment with Army, reported being caught red-handed taking a bribe of Rs. 4 Lakhs is not a small thing. The term 'Civil' or 'Army' is not the question here. The question here is: If the allegations are true, then doesn't it mean some eligible and hard working poor young man deprived of his right?


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