Sunday 6 November 2016

Purpose of Publishing a graphic image of Guldar Attack | Barkot/Naugaon, Uttarkashi

Written by Anil Singh

Yesterday, Amar Ujala published a very graphic image of a woman surviving a Guldar attack (similar to a leopard). The image with open wounds was part of a front page report. The incident took place in Barkot/Naugaon, Uttarkashi. The woman was attacked when she ventured into forest to collect fodder for cattle.

The picture was inappropriate for two reasons. One, obviously is the graphic and gory nature; other, relates to the perception.

The image strengthens a particular perception, which sees animal as the villain in the man-animal conflict.

A perception which surely is not correct. Actually it's the humans who are entering the already shrinking wild habitats. The Newspaper could easily have avoided it.


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