Friday 24 March 2017

Being Jobless doesn't mean you "get a B.Ed degree" | B.Ed Colleges in Uttarakhand

Written by Anil Singh

In last one decade, B.Ed has become a degree got without much thought. A reason for this is the mushrooming up of hundreds of private B.Ed Colleges in Uttarakhand and country. Read why every young man or woman must think twice before getting a B.Ed degree.

In recent years we've seen a rampant proliferation of B.Ed Institutes in state and country. Since BEd is made synonymous with one's ability to get a teaching job in Schools, hence any young man or woman aspiring to be a teacher is getting a BEd degree. This has resulted in a huge backlog of BEd degree holders with no teaching job.

Something needs to be done to his aimless education.

Relevance of a B.Ed Degree

If we look at the B.Ed degree, then it's relevant from two perspectives. 

One, it's necessary to equip future teachers with the knowledge of "How to teach a Child for his/her (Child) holistic development".

Two, it's necessary for those learners who want to pursue research in Education. Here BEd falls as a stepping stone towards higher research (you do BEd, MEd then research in Education).

Encouraging everyone to pursue B.Ed is plain waste of valuable time and Money

If a young man or woman does BEd to pursue teaching as a career, then doing BEd makes sense. But even there, it's better to bring some method so that there's no madness. 

For instance, BEd must be removed for the eligibility criterion for teaching jobs in schools. It must be removed completely. That's BEd must not feature even in 'preferred' List. Instead the BEd must be financed by the employer once the person gets appointed. This makes much sense as irrespective of how you approach it, the first year of job is always treated as probation.

If a young man or woman wants to do research in Education, then he/she doesn't need any encouragement to get B.Ed. As it's the stepping stone, he/she will happily invest his/her own money to get it.

To conclude, encouraging or pushing everyone to get a BEd is a really bad idea. It's a bad idea as it not only is a plain waste of valuable time and Money, it's waste of 'A sense of direction'. A person who acquires education with no goal loses clear vision about future. That's why if you're planning to get a BEd degree, ask yourself the question: Why I want to get a BEd degree?


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