Thursday 6 July 2017

Trident Length for Kawariyas and Subsidized LPG Cylinder

Written by Anil Singh

A couple of days ago, I read a news report about the displeasure of the Kawariyas on the Administration's decision to reduce the length of the trident (in Hindi 'Trishul') that can be carried by the Shiv-bhakts in the upcoming Shravan pilgrimage. It's surprising but these days, everything which least contributes to our quality of lives, becomes news worthy.

I'm saying so, as news reports such as the above one, usually distracts a reader's mind from more important issues. Such as -- the latest price increase of the subsidized LPG Cylinder (gas cylinder). FYI, the subsidized LPG Cylinder will now cost you Rupees 32 more. The reason being given behind the price hike is the GST. If GST is culprit, then why LPG is covered under GST. If common people use subsidized cylinder, then why not keep LPG out of it?

The point is simple, Trident or no trident for Kawariyas, must not be something occupying valuable space on Newspapers. The same space must be given to information which has a direct impact on the people.


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