Tuesday 21 November 2017

Want to see GST impact?... Look at your monthly Budget

Written by Anil Singh

After a much gap, here's a quick post.

The other day  I went to a shop to buy some household daily needs items. A customer before me inquired the retailer about a sudden price increase on a packaged product. The retailer also found the new price abnormal. He cross checked the MRP with a fellow retailer. The price had indeed shot more than a double.

For those among us, who are still making up their minds about the effect of GST, here's a simple fact to help them reach at a conclusion. GST is a Consumer level tax. It means that the price increase on any product purchased by you will be paid by you. You, the consumer. It will be wrong to assume that the pinch of price increase will be felt by the seller. The burden of price increase will be on the final buyer of any product/Service. The final buyer is You. 


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