Wednesday 29 November 2017

Piles of Trash smoldering along Uttarakhand Roads & Highways

Written by Anil Singh

In recent days you just like I, may be seeing a lot of trash dumps along road sides & highways smoldering (burn slowly with smoke but no flame). These are a new addition to an ever increasing litter & piles of trash in these areas.

There may be many reasons for such sightings. But the most plausible one (which we can believe) is that it may be the easiest method of trash management. Rather than properly and adequately managing the trash, the Civic bodies are simply burning it. This shortcut is polluting the air and water dearly.

But the Civic bodies are not to be blamed entirely. For proper and adequate waste management, the State Government needs to form a policy to recruit more manpower for civic cleanliness job roles. It also needs to create a policy for free waste collection. And finally it must set up proper and adequate waste management plants. Nothing seems to be happening at present.

Remember, encouraging people to clean their surroundings might be a great political slogan, but for real cleanliness a city, town or village always needs more cleanliness labor force ("Safai Karmachari"), proper & adequate free waste collection and; waste management.


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