Tuesday 19 December 2017

In support of Mushroom Girl of Uttarakhand, Divya Rawat

Written by Anil Singh

Some weeks ago, the Mushroom Girl of Uttarakhand was trolled on Twitter for the unsavory comments made by her sister. Tolled here means getting severely criticized and attacked by a group of people.  A rather unfortunate incident.

Firstly, no one must be attacked for the words spoken by someone else. In simple, you cannot criticize a person for the unsavory things (bad things) said by his/her brother, sister, cousin, friend or accomplice.

Secondly, If you wish to register your disappointment for a person's words, then the disappointment must be directed at him/her.

There are reasons why this must not be done. There are again few reasons here.

Firstly, the assumption that a person's brother or sister or any other family member holds exactly the same views as the person, is not always true. There are families where father and son, father and daughter, husband and wife or, two cousins hold entirely opposite views on most topics.

Secondly, off the record (a conversation or video made without the speaker knowing it) conversation about a third person, is mostly not accurate. In most cases it's a result of some hidden motive of the speaker. If that person is a public or political figure, then the accuracy of the conversation is even more suspect.

Hence, all those who attacked Uttarakhand's Mushroom Girl for the above wrong reasons must not repeat the mistake again in future. There's a better way they can remove the guilt burden from their chests. They can publicly sought apology from the lady on Twitter.

To conclude, Divya Rawat is not some ordinary person. She is a self-made person. She has shown us hard work, courage, initiative and resolve to achieve a goal ultimately pays off. She not only made herself economically and social independent, she also generated employment for others. This is exactly the reason why we must try to help her if she faces any obstacle professionally. If she's facing raw material shortage, why not her her sought that out.

Hence instead of picking an argument with her, we must try to learn from her. She is a leader, who many young men and women can emulate.

Studies in the past have shown that the women of Uttarakhand do almost 80 percent of all the daily work. This includes every laborious work eg. doing household chores, husbanding animals, arranging forage, working in agricultural fields etc. Does that statistic offend you? No. Because it's the way things are. In the way, no one must feel disappointed if someone tells us (Uttarakhand men) that we're lazy. Rather than attacking him/her, we must introspect and finds ways to get rid off that perception.

Divya Rawat is more than just an ambassador or some Study published in some journal. She is a real leader. Someone who has learned her skill by getting her hands soiled. Encourage Her!


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