Monday 25 December 2017

Ash Immersion NOT the Key cause of Ganga Pollution!

Written by Anil Singh

Sometimes I'm amazed by the present Union Government's ability at shifting the public discourse. When the Nation wants to discuss more pressing issues affecting people, the Union Minister for State Mr. Satyapal Singh shifts the public discourse to the role of Ash immersion ("Asthi Visarjan") in polluting river Ganges. Talking to media five days ago, Mr. Singh requested people to stop immersing the ashes of their dead in River Ganga and bury them instead. He wants people to revisit their religious practices, so that the purity of river Ganga is maintained.

It's difficult to ascertain why a Union Minister makes such a remark. Because irrespective of how you see the suggestion, it seems unnecessary. Primarily because the two main causes of river pollution are: Human Biodegradable waste (Sewer water 40 percent) and; industrial effluents (60 percent). The Government must do something substantial to take care of these first.

If the Government keeps using Namami Gange just to shift public discourses from more crucial issues affecting people, then Clean Ganga will remain a slogan. 


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