Monday 8 January 2018

11th Classes just after Class 10th Board Exams! ... A BAD IDEA.

Written by Anil Singh

The point which I'm making in this article is for Parents. It's specially for those parents who have children who will either take Class 10th Board Examinations this year or in the next few years. Such parents must read this article carefully.

According to Uttarakhand Board of School Education, the students who are appearing in Uttarakhand Board class 10th examinations this year (that is 2017-18) will be attending Class 11th Classes immediately after the 10th Board Examinations.

According to various reports, the new change is in line with the CBSE or ICSE affiliated Public Examinations where Students are given admission in Class 11th immediately after the 10th Examinations. The idea behind the arrangement is to make the child continue his/her studies without wasting any valuable time.

On the face of it, the new plan looks very Good. But is it really better than the present arrangement?

I think, it doesn't. 

For these reasons.

We as responsible Guardians and Parents must understand that everything done by a Public or Private School is not GOOD.

We must also understand that a child doesn't need to study all the time. For full healthy development, a child needs time to make friends, gossip, play, watch movies, travel etc.

It doesn't make sense to put child into continued stress resulting for studies and the performance expectations. The class 10th Board examinations are stressful for the child. He/she needs to get over that stress after the class 10th examinations. Under this light, the 3 months holidays make perfect sense. 

Enrolling a student in Class 11th before the class 10th results are declared can be very stressful for the child. Remember, the child is already going through the stress related to the uncertainty of the result.

Rather than focusing on Studies, the time between class 10th examinations and Result must be used in a more productive manner. The child can be encouraged to take some vocational activity such as working as salesperson in some shop, Courier person etc. to earn some quick valuable money. Based on the child's interest he/she can be encouraged to learn some new trade or skill (such as Motor mechanic, Drafts person, computer operator etc.). In the long run they are much better than studying the Books of Class Eleventh. There is one more benefit of such activity. The child will know his interest areas for future career. It will also help the parents know the child's interests. 

To conclude, making a Child attend 11th classes, even before the 10th results will be stressful to the child. It will not be useful as well. Because only the results will tell what subjects and education stream the child must pursue in class 12th or +2.


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