Saturday 3 March 2018

Uttarakhand Youth must Think outside BTech or BEd Education

Written by Anil Singh

It is easy to understand that not everyone is made for engineering. The same is the case for teaching, MBBS, Armed Forces or Business.

So Uttarakhand youth and their parents must think outside the BTech, MBBS, teaching and other more known and seemingly attractive carrier options.

It may be a difficult choice, but choices are always difficult. But still one has to choose the best way forward.

It must be noted that the job options opened by professional degrees such as BTech, BE, MBBS, BEd or CA etc. often lead to better and well paying jobs compared to some less attractive jobs. But there is  a disadvantage with such jobs. These jobs are always less in number. The competition for these jobs becomes more tough, if more BTech, BE, MBBS, BEd degree holders enter the job market.

So every youth in Uttarakhand must not think of becoming a doctor, teacher, engineer or CA. Instead of that, based on their academic performance and interest, they can also think about doing ITI (in some mechanical, machinist trade), Nursing, Physiotherapy, lesser opted careers in hotel industry etc.

In simple, these will be the professional courses which will generate most jobs at any point of time. If done with interest and adequate hard work, it is always easier to get a decent paying job with these skills.

To conclude, not everyone must think of becoming a doctor, BTech engineer, BE Engineer etc. You can surely do so if you think you or your child can become a teacher, doctor, engineer or other seemingly attractive professional. But if you are not sure about it, then think outside BTech, MBBS etc. as well. A welder or a fitter or a machinist or a good nurse is as much respected in the organization as is a good teacher, doctor or engineer.


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