Monday 5 March 2018

Is it shameful to assess a Government based on your Salary Increase?

Written by Anil Singh

In Holi, people seemed to be quite relaxed. They are at ease while meeting long time friends and complete strangers. For men, it is also a time for discussing politics with relatively more flexibility. In one such discussion, someone in our friends extended friends circle made this conclusive comment -- If you have brought the present Government for your salary increase or TA/DA, then you must be ashamed of yourself!

Obviously, the person didn't want anyone to criticize the present Uttarakhand and Union Government.

My question to all such persons is simple -- Why not?

Why can't we assess the performance of a Government on the basis of our own salary increase?

If salaries are the backbone of any working individual's life, then what is wrong or shameful in speaking out about it?

Over time, I have seen that some people are advising others to look at their lives from a higher pedestal. But such advice seems unnecessary. If my or my family's life and level of living directly depends on my pay cheque, then why I must not be bothered about that.

And I think it applies to everyone -- Whether in Government, Private or self-employment.


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