Friday 1 June 2018

Young men and women -- Please DO NOT press NOTA!

Written by Anil Singh

In the Tharali by-election result yesterday, 705 voters pressed the NOTA or "None Of The Above" option.

Pressing NOTA in an election is a plain waste of time, money, energy and mind by the voter.


Although NOTA and its consequences are explained at lengths earlier, still let it be summarized here:

  • NOTA does not affect Election Result, for the disappointed: Even if a person as a voter is disappointed by the candidates or politicians, NOTA votes don't affect final election result. Someone will still win the election.
  • Pressing NOTA means lack of decision making skill: Going to the polling booth and pressing NOTA shows the voters lack of decision making. Intelligent and confident voters choose the best candidate among the options available. Lack of decision making does not stop at NOTA. Lack of decision making hurts everywhere -- in life and in career.
  • 999 out of 1000 people are intelligent and they DO NOT press NOTA: Those people who press NOTA because they think other people are equally disappointed by politics, politicians or the candidates, are living in an imaginary world. Intelligent and confident people are decisive and they don't press NOTA.
So any person who is reading this article must think twice before pressing NOTA in future. 

If you are a young man or a woman, then you must learn to vote for a candidate. Look about things you like in the candidate or his ideology. Give your vote the respect it reserves. Giving your vote to NOTA is a disrespect to you as a voter.

To conclude, if someone advises you to press NOTA, then ask yourself: Is he/she doing so for his/her selfish agenda? 

If yes, then tell him/her to shut up!

Because I have observed that thsoe who advise others to press NOTA, never press the NOTA button themselves.


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