Monday 4 June 2018

"He has come to your City to feed his family" | Musings

Written by Anil Singh

It is very easy to put insecurity in any person's mind. Humans by nature are not brave. We are brave only when we find ourselves in a situation where we have no other option but to become brave. This explains why it is very easy for others to put insecurity in our minds.

We don't need big reasons to feel insure about. If a society wants to live in lifelong fear of the other community, then it can feel the insecurity, even if 8 out of every 10 people in the society, belong to their own community. We can equate this fear to the fear of seeing a ghost. The insecurity and resulting fear of seeing a ghost is so deep seated in our minds that we fear a ghost, even when majority of human population has never seen one.

Some people among us want to instill fear of the other community in our minds. They want us to see an usurper of power (in Hindi, "Satta hathiyane wala") in a vegetable vendor, barber, cobbler (in Hindi, "Mochi") or a cart puller (in Hindi, "Thela chalane wala"). They also want us to believe that everyone in our society is going for an inter-religious marriage. To what extent we want to believe in such narrative is for us to decide. But before trusting such people, we must at least question ourselves to what extent such narratives are true? ....

If you look and analyse these narratives over a period of time, you will find that they are no more than white lies (in Hindi, "Safed jhooth"). And that is a sufficient reason for any rational person to call them a lie.

To conclude, if you are a young man or a woman looking for a job OR; if you are someone who is already earning a livelihood; there is high likelihood that you are living at a place different from your place of birth. A closer look will tell you that even your father had to move out his native place to earn money. It is also likely that you may be reading this article sitting at some place outside India. If you are doing some professional course such as Hotel management or something else... you may also go to some other country. In short, human beings, rich or poor, have to move to new towns, cities, states and countries for employment opportunities. The vegetable vendor, meat seller, cobbler, cart puller, rickshaw puller has left his native village, town, city for the same reason -- earn a livelihood and feed his family. So why see him any other way?


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