Friday 31 August 2018

One place in India where dignified wages, pensions are discussed for Human Beings

Written by Anil Singh

Do you know there is only one place in India(or in any society) where dignified wages(salaries), pensions are discussed for Human Beings?

Can you guess what that place is?

The place is: A court of Law.

It is only the court where the relation between a rightful wage (dignified or respectful wage) and human respect is discussed and listened to.

It is only the Court of Law where people seriously think about what minimum wage, pension a person must get to live as a human being.

Living as a human being is not just about living life or survival; and avoiding death. In simple, it is about NOT living a life unfit for a human being.

There is a reason why rightful wages are discussed with due care only inside a court.  The reason is : Inside a Court there are no other distractions.

The questions, arguments of respectful wages, pensions, allowances (such as an unemployment allowance) are avoided or ignored altogether, everywhere else because there are too many things to keep people busy. People make themselves busy with other distractions.

To conclude, if you are a young man or woman unemployed or looking for a job. Look closely at the issues which keep you engaged or distracted?

Are they the real issues OR are they the ones which will end up making you a bitter, unsuccessful person; and a lesser human being (not a good human being).

If it is the latter, then start thinking about the real issues!


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