Friday 28 September 2018

Facebook Group suddenly renames itself to ... xyz's Bhakt(Devotee)

Written by Anil Singh

According to many media observers, one of the essential elements of many Facebook Groups run by politically motivated individuals is that: They start as fun groups with non-political names. But the moment they gain the required mass (the number of members), they slowly start posting political material and suddenly rename the group to something very political. How political this name change can be?

It can be very political.

For instance, a Facebook group with a name ... Uttarakhand friends fun xyz..., suddenly renames it to xyz's Bhakt or I support xyz party.

Most of these Facebook groups add people without asking them. So when this name change happens all the members suddenly become the supporters of the said political ideology, party or Bhakts of that politician.

This is not good. It is a question of trust. 

In addition, I may support a political party or a politician personally, but as a citizen, I may not want to be associated with any such political Facebook group, publicly.

And finally, a politician may or may not win the next election. His party may or may not form the Government the next time, but that doesn't mean I will like to be called a Bhakt (devotee) of that political party or politician. It is better to leave(quit) such groups than to be called a Bhakt.

How to Spot such groups:

Simply click on the Groups link on the left sidebar of your Facebook homepage, scan all the groups shown there. Quit those groups which you don't like to follow.



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