Sunday 30 September 2018

Hate speech Facebook Groups and negative effects on Job Hunting

Written by Anil Singh

As reported earlier many Facebook groups from Uttarakhand have suddenly started changing their names and started posting very wrong content (updates, shares etc.).

These Facebook groups are sharing are sharing Fake speech, hate speech and Fake news --- targeted at any religion, region, creating social disharmony and creating a divide among people. Most of these groups are political in nature.

Many users are not even aware that they are members of such groups.

Following such Facebook groups may match up with our political views, but following and participating in such Facebook groups can have negative effects on a job searcher's suitability for a employment. Increasing number of reputed private companies are looking at a person's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. social profiles before employing him/her. They are particularly looking for the instances of such hate speech a job seeker's profiles. This applies for also those who are trying to switch company or get promoted. What is a hate speech?... Something which you will never say in a job interview.

So who you follow on Facebook is your decision.


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