Monday 1 October 2018

Cooking gas cylinder prices DOUBLED, in last 5 years

Written by Anil Singh

This is about comparison. From 2014 to 2018, the gas cylinder prices have doubled.

Yesterday, the Subsidized cooking gas cylinder price is increased by Rs 2.89 per cylinder. From today, the subsidized gas cylinder will cost us Rs 502.4 per cylinder.

The price of non-subsidized LPG cooking gas cylinder is increased by Rs 59.00 per cylinder.

We are seeing record high diesel and petrol prices these days. The prices are increasing everyday.

It is not about what will happen in 4 or 10 years from today.

What matters is today. In the past 5 years, the common Indian has paid enough for such price increases.

The Modi Government may give some relief to people under its employment (by paying them revised salaries). But what about an average Indian?

The common man is taking the blow (in Hindi, 'Dhakka') of such price increases from the last 5 years. The common man has almost emptied his pockets by now.

He/she may decrease the petrol consumption. But increase in diesel prices will directly affect the prices of day to day products --- from food to everything else --- transported through diesel. Even agricultural product prices will increase as diesel is used in its production. The family budgets of an average Indian are in acute distress. Tell you, it will create an entire population of malnourished children with different degrees of undernourishment.

To conclude, it is difficult to understand now, why this Government chose to ignore 90 percent of population in its time in government!


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