Saturday 5 January 2019

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 will create crores of Jobs | Really?

Written by Anil Singh

On the very first day of new year 2019, a mysterious article (or report) appeared on Amar Ujala.

It is difficult to say whether it was an advertisement or a real information for people. But it was similar to some April 01 joke.

The article's title was like: Lok Sabha Elections 2019 will give jobs to Crores of people?


The article explains : About 1.5 Lakh crore will be spent by election commission, political parties, candidates, government departments etc. They will spend big money. This money will create jobs.

For the newspaper the jobs creation directly or indirectly by money spent in Lok Sabha Elections 2019 is Umeed 2019 (Hope 2019) 

crores of jobs will be created during Lok Sabha Elections 2019


Do we estimate the number of jobs created in a country in this manner?

If jobs are created during elections... then even cricket IPL creates jobs.

But the question is : Is it right to celebrate and market such jobs?


You cannot call them JOBS.

If any newspaper or any Government thinks that, this is the way jobs are created, then they are either making fun of people's intelligence or assuming people to be fools

The newspapers must think and act responsibly before publishing such articles. 


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