Wednesday 6 February 2019

People who spread Rumors and Rampur Tiraha incident, Muzaffarnagar 1994

Written by Anil Singh

Over the years, I have found that there are certain people who will always inflate (increase to a large extent) Bad numbers. That is related to human deaths, injuries.

Particularity related to human deaths, injuries and; when it suits their purpose

In other words, it is part of their nature to say hundreds of deaths, when the fact says there are less than 100.  If there are 200 deaths authenticated by reputed agencies, they will say "Thousands".

At some points of time, most of us can be blamed for showing such a tendency. But most people try NOT to inflate bad numbers. They try to avoid inflating bad numbers because they morally see it as a wrong behavior.

But there are certainly some people who habitually increase bad numbers.

Why do they do so?

They have a habit of spreading rumors and more so when such inflation of bad numbers suits them.

In short, people who "inflate bad numbers" also like spreading rumors. The behavior worsens when they see the rumor help their point of view or perspective.

On the next day of Rampur Tiraha incident (also known as Muzaffarnagar firing incident, in 1994), where Uttar Pradesh Police caned and gunned down Pro Uttarakhand movement activists in Rampur tri-junction; some people who were not even part of the activists stranded in Rampur Tiraha started spreading rumors in the activists' hometowns as to how hundreds of activists had been killed in police shooting. If I recall correctly, they were painting vivid pictures as to how bodies have been lined up in Muzaffarnagar Hospital mortuaries. Such rumors were a big distress for the families back home. Some of them even started wailing and running here and there. One may or may not imagine the situation today because at that time even wired telephones were rare.

Later 99.99 percent to the protestors returned back home safe. But by the time, their families back at home had already taken enough of mental stress.

Did anyone ask the rumor mongers (love to to do something), why they spread those rumors?

No. Because most people forgot the mental distress, the moment their loved ones returned back safely.

Did the rumor mongers feel any remorse?

Probably not because they never think that way. It is NOT their business to see the damage their rumors do to people. They simply move on to the next rumor.

To conclude, it is time we as a society become aware of people who "inflate bad numbers" and habitually spread rumors. Their rumors serve NO good to the people.


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