Saturday 30 March 2019

Record number of young men participate in Every Army recruitment Drive

Written by Anil Singh

So the craze for an Army job (with good salaries and Financial security) is always seen among Uttarakhand youth. More important question is : How many of them are actually recruited in these drives.

In a Lok Sabah Elections 2019 rally in Rudrapur yesterday, the present prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi happily informed the audience that a record number of young men are participating in Indian Army recruitment drives.

The only question is: Is this happening for the first time?

As far as I know, record number of young men in Uttarakhand (and may be elsewhere in India as well) participate in every Army recruitment camp held anywhere in the State.

So what the present prime minister is saying is NOT new.

The information which he must have shared with the audience is --- How many of these young men are actually been recruited or given a job in Army.

As far as I know, the number of those who get an army job is very small.


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