Wednesday 10 April 2019

3 Problems Uttarakhand faces Today | Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Written by Anil Singh

Tomorrow, Uttarakhand will vote for the Lok Sabha Elections 2019.

How the people of Uttarakhand will vote is their personal choice.

There are certain issues which the voters of Uttarakhand are facing at present.

These issues will remain there irrespective of how the people of Uttarakhand choose to vote tomorrow.

3 Problems Uttarakhand faces Today before going to Lok Sabha Elections 2019 tomorrow

  • For majority of Uttarakhand youth --- The biggest issue is the unemployment. 
The problem of unemployment is so big that they have started ignoring it. A large section of Uttarakhand youth doesn't see unemployment as their demand anymore.

Instead of discussing the high levels of unemployment among them, they choose to consume their time on emotive issues of nationalism, patriotism, army, surgical strikes, content unrelated to their lives, propaganda etc.

The fascination for Armed Forces can be understood. 

But having too much fascination for Armed Forces jobs doesn't help the unemployment problem because compared to the number of applicants, there are not enough Armed Forces jobs.

The problem of unemployment among Uttarakhand youth becomes more serious when high unemployment levels and high literacy rate are seen together. The unemployment levels among well educated youth in Uttarakhand is also very high.

It will be difficult to say when Uttarakhand will vote on the question of unemployment. But one thing is for sure --- Sooner than later, the Uttarakhand youth will have to acknowledge the unemployment problem among them.
  • Inability of youth to connect education with future employment : This specially applies to the first time voters in the state (18-24 year olds). Majority of them don't have a clear idea of how their education will get them a job. In other words, as students they don't think much about their future employment prospects. It is a surprise but they seem to be focusing on issues which have no impact, whatsoever, on their own lives. Politicians understand this weakness among youth, that's why they tell them to vote in the name of surgical strikes.
  • Giving too much importance to the highways, flyovers, airports etc. : This is a broader problem among most of us. We give unnecessary importance to the highways, flyovers, airports etc. 
Let I explain why. 

Highways, flyovers, airports and other such public infrastructure is good. 

But it is good only when people have money and real purpose of using such public infrastructure.

With high rates of poverty and unemployment among the people of Uttarakhand, majority of such infrastructure becomes less useful for people.

Take for example, an airport. How many people in Uttarakhand will be able to buy an air ticket? ... Very few. 

All weather roads, four-lane highways, flyovers, airports etc. are good when people are able to use them to improve their lives. In states where majority of people are poor, such infrastructure mainly helps the rich ONLY.

At present, Uttarakhand people give too much importance to such infrastructure which is not helping them. Their other problems such as unemployment, lack of affordable healthcare, too low wages, no job guarantee must be addressed first. Or there must at least be some balance in the Govt. spending on infrastructure and on people.

To conclude, irrespective of how you see your vote. Do vote.

And DO NOT PRESS NOTA. Vote for the best among the lot.


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