Monday 24 June 2019

Corbett Tiger Reserve tourist footfall decreases by 1000, Officials concerned!

Written by Anil Singh

Tourist footfall in Corbett, Rajaji sees decline first time in four years

The decline in tourist footfall is problematic for any state which sees tourism a major source of its income.

But how much decline in such income requires a probe?

Will you, being the concerned authority, order a probe if the decline in the annual tourist footfall is from Rs. 2.84 crore to Rs. 2.83 crore?

The answer will be NO. Even when such a decline is seen after five years.

Why? .... Because the decrease is of just 1000 tourists!

The Wildlife Officials concerned in Uttarakhand seem to think otherwise.

According to this news article, the marginal dip in the tourist footfall in the Corbett Tiger Reserve and Rajaji National Park, the two premier tiger habitats in Uttarakhand, from 2.84 lakh to 2.83 in Corbett Tiger Reserve and from 61,507 in 2017-18 to 55,091 respectively in Rajaji National Park in 2018-19, is a matter of concern for the officials.

What reasons they can think of for the decline?

The Uttarakhand high court orders of limiting the number of vehicles entering the parks and ban on
night stay (which was later relaxed by the Supreme Court).

If these are the reasons they can think of, then as Wildlife Officials they must be Happy. If they are pressed by the question of tourism income, then they can sit back. The probe into 1000 less tourists cannot yield any results.

The news article doesn't serve any purpose. It seems just another piece of paid article.


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