Friday 24 April 2020

How to protect your money from Fraudsters | Bank account frauds, employment Frauds etc.

Written by Anil Singh

As you know, Indian economy is already under distress. The already high Unemployment rate may rise further. In addition, the job market will remain slow as well.

In such a scenario, the chances of becoming a victim of some money fraud or job placement fraud or other financial fraud becomes real.

Below are some important points to protect yourself from some of these frauds:

  1. Beware of fake offers by telephone calls/Mobile Calls/SMS/email/social media asking money towards charges/fee/duty/tax against Prize/Lottery/Gift/job/goods/other services etc.
  2. Never pay money to get a job.
  3. Never ever share your personal account details with unknown persons. Your account might be used for collecting proceeds of crime exposing you to criminal investigations / trials. In addition, the habit of disclosing such details without any due care on your part can trap you in some fraud which may result in you losing your hard earned money.
  4. Bank or any of their representatives never send email/SMS or make calls to customers to get customer’s personal information, password or one time OTP (High security) password. So if anyone asks for those via SMS or phone call is a fraudster.
  5. If you suspect some bank account related fraud, immediately bring the details of such offers / incidents into the notice of local police authorities for booking the culprit and also inform the same to nearest bank Branch. It will be better if you inform the same to the bank branch where you hold the bank account.
  6. Never use Google search engine to find contact number of  bank branches and its details. Visit the official website of the bank and look for customer care or contact numbers there.
  7. Keep your bank password and ATM or Debit Card PIN secret. Keep any such PIN a secret.
  8. Please keep changing your bank account Password and OTP PIN, bank Debit Card PIN, or other bank Card PIN from time to time.


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