Wednesday 29 April 2020

Quarrels among Family members show an increase in Uttarakhand

Written by Anil Singh

According to some reports, quarrels among family members have increased in various districts of Uttarakhand during the 40 day lock-down period.

Extreme disagreements and bitterness among family members(which need Police intervention) are unfortunate.

But they happen in such lock-downs.

Lockdowns (also lock-ins) like the one we are experiencing now are depressing. There are many reasons for it. People are finding it difficult to fulfill even their daily basic needs. In addition, they are not sure about their future livelihoods and future in general. They are upset about the future of their families. Hence any one who compares Lock-downs to work-offs or unplanned holidays is not making a correct comparison. For majority of people lock-downs are depressing for real reasons, so quarrels between family members during such times can be understood. The situation becomes more depressing for daily wage earners, contract workers and poor.

So what is the best way to tackle with the problems we are facing today?

I understand that the person who faces the problem knows its seriousness.

So many of us may be experiencing problems which I may not even understand, let alone solve.

But one thing can be said here. Focusing too much on the reasons for this depressing situation will not solve the situation. You will get sufficient time to question the Govt. later. As of now, all we can do as people is try to NOT feel sad or depressed. So try to make the atmosphere within families a little bit lighter, friendlier, supportive and relaxed. Think about the situation in relaxed way. 



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