Friday 8 May 2020

What is Safest Legal way to Earn Money | Answer is Here

Written by Anil Singh

During these tough times, many young men and women in Uttarakhand are thinking of ways to earn money.

What is the legally safest (with average, low or no risk to money & other owned resources)?

Many of you, especially those in their early 20s or 30s are thinking about hundreds of ways.

A simple advice: Do not think that far. Think Simply.

Yes, the safest way to earn money legally is : Being employed by someone else. Also called employment or working at a job.

You may be thinking, as if you DO NOT know this basic fact.

You know it. But you tend to forget it.

So let I repeat once again:  The safest way to earn money legally is being employed by someone else. Also called employment or working at a job.

Why I'm telling you to believe in this simple fact?

Because I have seen many of you getting too much attracted to ideas such as starting your own business, startups and share markets or stock markets or investments.

These ideas or career choices are not bad. But they need high degree of knowledge and expertise. In addition, during a time when job market is at an all time low and Indian economy is not in a good state, thinking about starting some business or any such idea can be very risky.

Some of you may be asking: Do nothing if there are no jobs?

No one is saying that. What is being said is that majority of young men and women will have to do a job. Such ideas or career choices will either not work for them or will be too risky.  

This is just an advice. You are free to choose whatever career you want or; whatever way you want to spend or invest your money.  


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