Sunday 2 September 2012

Fighter Plane, Football, mounted on Roof Tops

Written by Anil Singh

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Navashahar or Phagwara region of Punjab OR have travelled from Chandigarh to Jalandhar or Kapurthala; you may have noticed Big concrete Footballs, Birds, even Fighter planes mounted on roof tops of several houses.

Actually they are Water tanks! Around which Flying Birds, planes, footballs even Gold Balls are made. These shapes are always painted with colours; so as to give them the appearance of the real Thing.

Interestingly, I noticed a similar trend in the Doiwala and Chhiddarwala area of Dehradun; where some people have started making water tanks in shape of objects and creatures. Soon you will see these on roof tops.

But don't wonder, Doiwala and nearby areas has sizable population of Sikh Community.

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