Tuesday 4 September 2012

Uttarakhand hasn't done much to Harvest its Sunshine

Written by Anil Singh

If my memory serves me right, then a decade ago, Uttarakhand Government had decided to 'Sell Sunshine' to the tourists from India and abroad. At that time, the Uttarakhand Toursim advertisements pointedly mentioned "blissful sunshine in Uttarakhand".

The move was quite logical, as Sun shine in hills is simply breath taking and thus out of the world (Heavenly). And ample too.

That said, consecutive governments in Uttarakhand failed to do much about its resources.

Take sunlight for instance. With ample of sunlight throughout the year, solar power can become a viable source of power. But nothing much has been done. Which is a sad thing as simplest of innovations can prove extremely useful in this area.

Have a look at a solar panel, developed in California USA ( known for its sunshine), which is made to face the Sun all day:

Uttarakhand needs to harvest its Sunshine well.

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