Monday 6 May 2013

Why Nursing Courses, Midwifery Courses are Good Career Options?

Written by Anil Singh

A Reader of Uttarakhand Portal asked us a question, whose answer we think can be useful to other readers as well.

Here's the question,

Question: Why Nursing Courses, Midwifery Courses are Good Career Options?
A very good Question, Here is the Answer:

Answer: Any Biology Stream student who passes class or is appearing in class 12th, wants to become a doctor. that too an MBBS one. But cracking the PMT (Pre Medical Test) requires hard work, perseverance  proper guidance and aptitude. If the student lacks any of these, the cracking PMT becomes difficult. That apart, the number of MBBS, BAMS, BHMS etcs. seats any time are limited. Thus out of all those who appear in the exam, only a tiny percentage makes it to the Medical Courses.
But, the road doesn't end for a student, if he/she doesn't make it to the Medical College as MBBS, BAMS, BHMS student. 
He/she can go for other career options, wherein the syllabus is the same as that of PMT. Such professional Courses are Nursing Courses, Midwifery Courses, Physiotherapy Courses, pathology Courses and Veterinary Programmes (Doctors, and other job profiles in the area of Animal Health). 
Practically speaking, a student who can't make it in PMT even after serious hardwork; is likely to make it to these other professional courses.
Coming to the specific query, Nursing Courses and Midwifery courses like ANM, GNM can be good career choice today, as more such professionals will be needed in future. To understand this, consider this stat from HelpAge India, which says that there are 85 million (8.5 crore) old people in India and the number was going to rise to 177 million (17.7 crore) by 2025. The changing social and family dynamics (nuclear families, children having job outside city or country) has compelled many of these old people live alone. This particular demography (elderly or old people) will increasingly require someone to care for them. Here nursing professionals and midwifery professionals will fill the need.
We may be wrong, but as per our estimation professional nursing professionals and midwifery professionals will be one of the best paid support professionals 10 years from now. But, remember, opt for a career only when you have a degree of liking for it. The career decision must not be one thrust upon you by your parents. 
In addition, Both the nursing professionals and midwifery professionals will find job opportunities at those households as well, where there's not one to look after the baby or toddler.

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