Thursday 4 September 2014

IGNOU University Results : Understanding Incomplete Status in Grade Card

Written by Anil Singh

IGNOU University, a Distance Learning university, any time has 30,00,000 learners enrolled for its various courses. That makes managing even simplest of tasks difficult. But still IGNOU university performs effectively. One of the things, a large section of IGNOU students face difficulty interpreting, is the IGNOU Results. IGNOU University ResultsWhat does 'Incomplete' Status in IGNOU Grade Card represent? is a common question. To put in simple words, 'Incomplete' in IGNOU Grade card means 'Fail'. If it's written under Assignment, it means Fail in Assignment. If Incomplete is written under Term End Theory , it means Fail in Term End Theory; and if it's under Term End Practical, then it means 'Fail' in TEP. Since IGNOU University is a distance learning university, which believes in educating people and continuance of learning process, hence it doesn't use the word "Fail". Instead IGNOU Grade Card uses "Incomplete". But there is catch here. IGNOU wants the learners not only pass the Assignment , Term End Theory and Term End Practical INDIVIDUALLY; but also collectively. What does this mean ? Here's the explanation. Individually, the pass marks for IGNOU MBA are (Can be different for different IGNOU Programmes, Please refer to your Student Booklet or Prospectus for pass marks specific to your programme. For instance for IGNOU MA English or MEG, the pass marks in assignments is 50 percent.) Percentage of marks required to pass IGNOU Assignment or Continuous Evaluation : 40 percent or above Percentage of marks required to pass IGNOU Theory or Term End Exam : 40 percent or above If a student fails in Assignment or Term End Theory, he/she has to resubmit the IGNOU Assignment or Reappear in the IGNOU Term End Theory Exam.
  • In case a learner is pass in assignment but fails in Term End Theory; then he has to ONLY reappear in Term End Theory (No need to resubmit the assignment.  IGNOU Assignment once submitted and Passed (or completed) are valid for entire programme duration).
  • If the learner has passed the Term End Exam, but failed in Assignment, then he has to resubmit the IGNOU assignment only ( the assignment to be resubmitted will be the fresh one. That's if a learner wants to resubmit the assignment at Dec 2014 TEE, then he/she has to submit one uploaded at IGNOU for Dec 2014 TEE).
IGNOU uses the procedure explained below to create the Final result. Collectively ( i.e when Assignment marks, Term End Theory marks and term End Practical marks contribute to final result ) the Percentage of marks required to pass or 'Complete' the IGNOU final result for a Subject/credit: 50 percent or Above Lets take IGNOU MBA example to understand how IGNOU Final result is calculated. In IGNOU distance MBA, for most papers, assignment and Term End Theory contribute to final result.The contribution of IGNOU Assignment to final result is 30 percent. And that of Term End Theory is 70 Percent. IGNOU MBA Final Result for any paper will be calculated like this : Say you got 40 marks in assignment and 40 marks in TEE (Term End Theory). Then the final result will look like : 40 x .3 + 40x.7 = 12 marks of assignment + 28 marks of TEE = 40 marks Since collectively , a student needs 50 percent or more to pass the Paper; hence 40 marks will give Fail Status or 'Incomplete' Status in IGNOU Grade Card . You failed as over all one needs 50 marks or above. Hope you understood. If a student fails in IGNOU Final result for a paper; then he has to reappear in the said paper in the future TEE (need not to be the immediate TEE). If the student has not failed in Assignment, then he/she DOES NOT have to resubmit the Assignment. IGNOU Assignment once submitted and Passed (or completed) are valid for entire programme duration (For instance for IGNOU MBA, the maximum period to pass the MBA is 8 years).

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