Saturday 5 September 2015

Remember Most Young People working in Industries get Rupees 2500-6000 per Month!

Written by Anil Singh

Yesterday, NDTV India was showing a report. The report was pro One Rank One Pension demand of ex-servicemen. In an effort to couple OROP with pay and pension increase demand of defense personnel; the report showed three ex-servicemen from Nainital telling the reporters how the pension they get is insufficient at present times.

Not to mention, one of the ex-serviceman tried to remind the Government/Nation what he received after devoting his life to the Country.

One of the ex-servicemen claimed that the Rupees 9 Lakh which he received at the time of retirement, went into establishing a visibly small tea shop-cum-general store. The meager Rs 12000 per month which he gets as pension, doesn't meet his and his family's needs. In Rs 12000 per month, he can either send his children to good school; or live a dignified Life.

I'm not saying Rs 12000 per month is enough to live a dignified life.

But what I want the readers to do is see the things in perspective. And when one does so, such reports don't look good. And from the look of the things (how news channels pick issues) it appears that only those who have organized themselves into groups, are listened to.

Why I think so?

Everyday I see young men and women boarding Company buses to work in twelve hour shifts in Industries in Government created Special Industrial areas such as SIDCULs and private sector. Most of these young men and women are working as contractual labours. If my information is correct, even an engineer is not being paid more than Rs 7000. Anyone who has an education lesser than than is taking home from Rs 2500-6000 every month. There are no welfare schemes for these young men and women, no future surety and NO VOICE. They have only one option: Either to keep working at these wages (most of the times not even minimum wages), or leave the factory premises.

In short, if such young men and women can take care of their families in those paltry wages; then those getting above that, can manage as well.

On contrary if you see Rs 12000 per month insufficient, then what will you say about Rs 2500- Rs 6000?

In addition, a defense personnel is under Government employment. His wage and pension both get revised every couple of years, with arrears paid for the years, the salary or pension was not increased (an arrear means money owed and should have been paid earlier). That apart DA is increased two times every year, to take care of price rise.  In addition, the Government gives free education, free medical facilities, subsidized products of daily use to Defense personnel and their dependents. That apart, lump sum money is also paid for the marriage of defense personnel ward (child).

I think I made my point. And I think intelligent among you will understand it.

To conclude, I think the primary reason no one talks, speaks or writes about young men and women in employment in contract employment in private sector, is that they have not organized themselves into a vote bank. They are voting for every reason under the Sun... right from the Hindu Rashtra, to Modi, to India as an emerging super power, to ability; but their own Salary and life security. In short, they are not organizing themselves to demand a fare wage and a secure life. They are simply satisfied to carry on the 12 hour a day, 6 days a week ... grill (tough work); and bring home a small wage (a form of salary) every month.

Till the time, they cast their vote on every issue except their wages... no will speak, write or report about their misery. And every thing will get lost under the chants of Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

You can disagree with me.


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