Monday 19 March 2018

Rishikesh Forest Department team rescues Endangered Eagle Specie!

Written by Anil Singh

Special Correspondent: Yesterday when media was busy covering Uttarakhand Government's One year of governance, some unsung heroes from Uttarakhand forest Department in Rishikesh successfully rescued a big bird, probably some endangered eagle specie, haplessly entangled up and hanging down high up in a High tension power line tower in Shyampur village.

With very limited resources, the dedicated and motivated team of about a dozen personnel led by Mr. Rajiv Diwan, DFO Dehradun, Mr. Negi, Ranger Rishikesh forest region managed to untangle the bird safely. "The bird is out of danger and will be put under medical care till it fully recovers to health", said Mr. Negi, Ranger Rishikesh forest region.

Notably, the demanding rescue effort took more than five hours. What was remarkable about the difficult rescue work was that the concerned department sprang into action the moment some local resident(s) informed the department.


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