Sunday 18 March 2018

Trivendra Singh Rawat led BJP Government in Uttarakhand's YouTube Ads!

Written by Anil Singh

Those who watch YouTube regularly may have noticed a series of fairly long YouTube advertisements boasting Trivendra Singh Rawat led BJP Government in Uttarakhand. One such ad with an emotive jingle shows the Uttarakhand CM inaugurating a 125 feet high Indian National Flag. Another advertisement is quite upbeat with a matching jingle and one can lip-read the CM say "I promise" (or "Vada karta hoon") from the dais multiple times. There are other ads as well you can see them here.

The advertisements catch your attention. Not because they are well made. Not because they are quite emotive and some quite upbeat. But because they coincide with 1 year of new Uttarakhand Government. And this is surprising!

If governments start propagating their so called achievements that early, then it must be problematic for us. If 1 year is too little a time for people to give a judgement on any government's performance, then it is too early for the Government to start celebrating its achievements as well. If any Government starts using emotion or starts using celebrating that early, then the obvious question must be: Why this early?   


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